Mid 20's       B cup       60 kg       169cm       administration

This Asian beauty is a highly passionate and active girl with an incredible zest for life. She's spirited, but doesn't she away from more in-depth discussions. Also, her open-minded attitude offers an exciting contrast with her business inspired fashion taste. 

Personality-wise, Amber says one of her best features is her ability to be especially empathic; she has a big heart and is not afraid to show that. When first sitting down with her, she might come across a bit bashful, but after a while, her spontaneous side shows itself, accompanied by her adventurous mind. This is why she prefers the more extended dinner and overnight dates; that way, she has enough time to relax, be comfortable, and start her irresistible teasing.

Amber spends a lot of her time in the gym, and her athletic and toned body shows her hard work. She loves unwinding with some physical activity after a long day at work.  Keywords for pleasing Amber are: respect, laughs, and passion. 



Portfolio update Ghent: Oktober 2019



What is your motivation to work as a high-class escort?

I mostly want to do it for the experience. I love meeting new and interesting people and I am sure that this is the perfect way to do it.

What made you choose Diosa del Amor Agency?

The way they represent the models is just amazing. They really show it isn't just about looks and you can tell the girls enjoy to be part of the company.

What do you think is your best personality trait?

I'm very open and social!

What do you get complimented on most often?

My smile and happy personality.

What are you most proud of?

My ability to stay positive and motivated in all situations.

Which goals would you like to reach in the future?

I would like to start my own business in the future and see as much as possible of the world. 

When are you happiest?

In summer!

What would you like to do more often?

I'd love to travel more often. I already travel once in a while but would like to do it even more.

What's the latest book you've read?

12 rules of life

If you could choose one quote to describe you the best; what would it be?

There's always a reason to smile, find it.



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