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I hope that you have landed on our casting page after doing some research on what the escort life has to offer.


I say research, but the truth is that there isn't enough realistic material to find on the topic. The media has the tendency of showing the high-class life as two extremes; a highly luxurious life that lets you earn over a thousand euros a day and will make you a millionaire in the shortest time, or an industry filled with exploitation and regret. Although this might be true in some cases, for the majority of the time, the general truth is different.


The high-class escort life can be an enriching experience both financially, of course, but more importantly, psychologically. It will enable you to develop as a person and get a fresh perspective. A lot of new models come to us at a particular point in their life when they want to break free of society-made boundaries, and they want to feel empowered and independent. Women who come from a reliable background and already have a steady income. If you are looking into this purely for the pay, we can only advise you to go down a different path. Escorting is not for everyone, and you should be very true to yourself about what your intentions are. 

As a high-class escort, you will meet exceptional personalities and have inspiring adventures, but your finances are going to look very different as well. It is essential to be realistic. A significant difference between high-class and regular escort is the amount of dates. With regular escort getting one or multiple dates per day is common. In high-class, this is limited to one or two a week- a few per month, as high-class models already have a stable income and don't rely on this revenue alone. As an occasional escort, you will earn enough to maintain a higher life standard and then some, but we ask you to go into this adventure with a plan in mind. Nothing is as disheartening as leaving your experience empty-handed. One of the perks of DDA is that we have our paperwork thoroughly in order and you will too. You will receive your rates discreetly on your account and can spend it however you want. If you want to save it on your bank account or invest in a house or your own business? No problem. You are totally free to do so.

Agency or independent?

This is a critical question to ask yourself. Do I want to work with and agency or do I prefer the independent life? First of all, both have their pros and cons, and the answer to that question will have everything to do with your personality and wishes

With an agency, everything is taken care of for you. The clients are screened, advertisements are created on your behalf, communication with clients, photoshoots, coaching, website, and more. After the start-up process, you have solely have to accept or decline the clients that we present to you and be fabulous. At DDA, it is vital to know that one woman does everything. I take the pictures, maintain and create the website, manage the clients, and keep in contact with the models. This way, you don't deal with the indirect approach that a large organization creates. Working with an agency is excellent for those who have active social lives, jobs, and don't want to deal with additional tasks. It is also ideal for newcomers who seek guidance and counsel

Now the independent or indie path is more fit for those who can afford to take the time to do everything themselves. Of course, a big plus is that you don't split the commission with the agency. Working as indie is excellent for women who know that they want to invest for a few years and are committed to engaging full-time as the work that comes with it isn't to be underestimated. 

Most agencies work with a commission-based system. The agency charges a percentage on each date that is always smaller than the model's share.  Outsiders sometimes deem this system unfair but agents work for their parts just like the models do. The agency should also be accountable for the discounts. If you would be late to a date or a client isn't happy, that discount should always come from the agency commission and not the model.  An alternative to the commission system is the advertisement portal where the model pays the agent a set rate each week/month in return for a place on their website. This can work well if this generates enough work for the model. Otherwise the agent gets paid and the model doesn't. 

What does it mean to work with DDA

I don't want to portray us as the biggest in the business because we are not(yet). DDA was founded in 2017 with little resources but a great passion and has developed in those three years into a warm and welcoming environment for both clients and models. I take great pride in each aspect of the agency and prefer a highly personal and genuine method. This approach attracts down to earth, kind models, and this guarantees that the model team is a pleasure to work amidst. Over these years, I have seen many friendships form between the models that persist even following their work as high-class escort. 

I want your start-up to be as comfortable and thorough as possible. When you first begin you will get a free Belgium based photoshoot, a coaching if requested by you, and a proper introduction into the existing model team. I will help you with your paperwork and additional questions that you might have. You will never be thrown into the deep end. If you would inquire the coaching, it is essential to know that this is of high-end quality and meticulous. You will be able to use this in your life as an escort and your private life, which will make you grow as a person. This will also make sure that you won't fall out of place with high-end costumers.

It's crucial to understand that you have all the freedom. You work with us, not for us. I will never demand you to do a certain number of dates or engage in services that you don't want. You can decline clients that you don't feel comfortable with and accept those that appeal to you.  

Are we the right fit?

As we will be working closely together it is important to know that we match unitedly. You can have an outstanding profile but not meet our requirements just like we can be the supreme agency for you and not for another. I advise that you look at our website thoroughly and if you can identify yourself with our values and mentality, fill out the casting form at the bottom of the page. Although we try to be as inclusive as possible, we nevermore work with models who:

  • Have financial difficulties

  • Are heavily tattoed or pierced

  • Don't take close care of their appearance 

  • Don't have any feeling with the affluent lifestyle

  • Have no passion for working as high-class escort

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