Mid 20's       C cup       52 kg       165cm       Communicative sector

Ellie is a girl with an unbelievable wow-factor. She's the girl next door that makes all heads spin as she wanders by. When greeting her at the casting, the first thing that stood out was her eyes. She has an almost indefinable, unique color to them that is sure to catch your notice. It became apparent that Ellie is a highly sociable and confident girl with a natural charm. However come the photoshoot, she transformed into a bold bombshell. Entirely at ease with the other models and dancing and giggling the entire time. Next to being an absolute stunner, Ellie holds a master's degree and prides herself on being elegant, classy, and genuine in each situation. She keeps her toned body in shape by working out daily. 

She likes to play the submissive role but is perfectly content to switch it up sometimes. The keyword for her is connection. If she feels genuinely connected with the person she is with, Ellie turns into quite the naughty seductress.



Portfolio update Antwerp: November 2019



What is your motivation to work as a high-class escort?

I like the tension that comes before a date... the teasing and flirting. I find it fabulous that I get to meet people that I normally wouldn't encounter.

What made you choose Diosa del Amor Agency?

The way the girls are presented on the website. Beautiful profile with beautiful photos. Interview form with own input, no sex-related or vulgar words. DDA is run by one woman and everything is administratively in order. I feel safe. The first conversation immediately reassured me and afterward, I felt even more ready!

What do you think is your best personality trait?

I am humble and gentle and like to get along with people, always wants to treat them correctly.

What do you get complimented on most often?

My clothing style and long eyelashes. If people know me better: my positive attitude and genuine personality.

What are you most proud of?

My master's degree. Those studies have made me independent and mature. I had to work hard for it and I persisted when it became difficult.

Which goals would you like to reach in the future?

Inspire people, help them become the best version of themselves.
Not really a goal, but I'd love to do a duo jump from a

When are you happiest?

With my family and friends around me. And when the sun is out!

What would you like to do more often?

Spontaneous trips.

What's the latest book you've read?

Do and think like a cat - Stéphane Garnier

If you could choose one quote to describe you the best; what would it be?

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.



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