How to make the most of your stay in Milan

Milan is known as a thriving cosmopolitan business capital. The city is all about experiencing worldly pleasures: football, opera, nightlife​ and of course its fashion. But don't forget the greatest satisfaction of them all: savoring in the company of your high-class Milan escort. Behind its modern aspect, Milan is also home to a deep history and is ranked as one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Milan is the most contemporary of all Italian cities, and it still keeps most of its past history intact. Perfect for sightseeing with one of our high-class Milan models. 

Typically Milan

Milan fashion week is a high-profile and well-known event that attracts people of all end of the world. ​If you are looking to impress your fashionable minded high-class Milan escort, this is where to take her. Bring her to the quadrilateral Della Moda for the shopping spree of her dreams. Milan also features a lot of laid-back activities. Pinacoteca di Brera and Gallerie d'Italia Piazza Scala are just a few of the world-class museums that Milan holds. For architectural lovers, a trip to The Duomo, Saint Ambrose or Santa Maria Della Passione basilica can't be missed. Don't forget Santa Maria Presso San Satiro church, a hidden gem. These are really a tiny example of Milan's enormous cultural offer.

Italian cuisine is well-known and well-loved by most people and favorited by a lot of our high-class escorts. ​Let's face it: you can't do wrong with pizza or some pasta. But Italian cuisine goes further than those cliché's. A quick glance at Vun Andrea Aprea will show you that Milan does food best. This two-star Michelin restaurant is elegant and the place to be if you enjoy fine-dining with your high-class Milan escort. If you are feeling more experimental, head over to Nobu/Armani; a Japanese restaurant with Peruvian and Italian influences in the Emporio Armani store in Milan. It doesn't get more decadent than this right? Add your sexy high-class Milan escort and your evening is set. 

Why choose us for your next stay in Milan?

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