What you have to know before booking an escort model

Below you will find the rates and conditions for booking an escort with DDA. 

Everything stated here is general. Meaning that each individual model will have her own conditions and rules and these can differ slightly from what is stated here. We will be sure to discuss these extensively with you beforehand so there are no surprises. If you are planning a travel date or an overnight please look at our travel conditions as well. 


A tease - 2 hours | 700€

Wanting more - 3 hours | 900€

Personal angel - 4 hours | 1.000€

A short affair - 6 hours | 1.200€

Girlfriend for the day - 8 hours | 1.400€

A quick getaway -10 hours | 1.600€

Partner in crime - 12 hours | 1.800€

Addictively sweet - 16 hours | 2.200€

Match made in heaven - 24 hours | 3.000€

Decadence - 48 hours | 4.200€

VIP- one week | 10.000€

If your requested time is not listed please contact us for additional rates.


  • During the booking, the model must always be accessible by the agency and should get time and privacy for checks by DDA regarding safety and comfort.

  • The model shouldn't be put in any situation that might cause her harm or distress.

  • Drug use is not allowed by the client or model.

  • Extensive alcohol use is not allowed by the client or model.

  • The model is free to leave the booking at any time if she feels uncomfortable and feels the need to get out. Depending on the cause of the situation, a refund will be made by the agency fitting to the circumstances.

  • Both personal hygiene and a high-quality environment should be attended to.

  • If you have any specific services, let us know beforehand and we will match you to the right model. If a model doesn't list a certain service, never force or try to persuade her. If this does occur the booking will be terminated immediately.

  • Trying to get the model's personal (contact) info is disturbing for her and insulting to us. Agency models have a reason for choosing to be represented by a third party. 

  • In the event of tardiness from the model of more than 20 minutes, the agency will provide suitable compensation.

  • For new clients and only new clients, we require a security of 5o% unless the date takes place in the girl's hometown, then the charge can be paid in cash at the start of the date. We don't ask this to trouble you but because of the growing number of fraudulent appointments in the escorting business. If the date is canceled at least 4 hours before the start of the date, you will get a full refund.  For known clients, this is not required. The company name is never declared for your discretion. 

  • Alternatively, a reference check might also be sufficient to confirm that the booking is not of a fraudulent nature. 

  • A safe location should be provided for the model to keep the remaining cash payment that is handed over at the start of the date in an envelope. 

  • All rates beyond 3000€ must be settled by bank transfer in line with Belgian legislation.

  • The rates listed are all-inclusive for Belgium. No extra driving fee, no extras for services. Each girl has her own boundaries and kinks, extra cash should not be an influence over this.

Diosa del Amor Agency is a high-end escort agency that works with upscale models and high-class travel companions. We work through matchmaking, which ensures a high success rate of each date. All models are occasional escorts that have a limited amount of dates. This means that each time is special and unique to them. We pride ourselves on having a very personal and passionate approach and holding a high standard to our matchmaking process and dates in general.

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