How to make the most of your stay in Tokyo

With over 37 million people, Tokyo Metropolis is the most populated area in the world.​ It can cater to everyone's preferences. Tokyo is made up of different districts from the more traditional Taito to the shopping district of Shibuya. It's not a bad idea to plan because the number of cultural sights and activities are endless. Let us know if you are more gastronomically, artistic, or adventurously minded, and we will help you plan your trip and match you to the suitable high-class Tokyo escort. 

Typically Tokyo

Tokyo is home to several extremely high-end hotels. They like to combine the luxury experience with an impressive aesthetic, for example, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Shangri-La Hotel, or Mandarin Oriental. They also have a lot of infamous love hotels. Although some of them are from a very different class as most Europe based hotels in that category. An excellent example is the Hotel Tsubaki Kinshicho featured on our playlist on top of the page. Relax in style with your high-class Tokyo escort.

Tokyo also has a vast number of Michelin starred establishments, and you can find the best Sushi in the world in this beautiful city. As most DDA models have Sushi somewhere on top of their favorites list, you will be sure to impress them with an outing to Tsukiji for some fresh sushi. If you are looking for high-end restaurants, look no further than Ginza. Not only will you find a Michelin star restaurant on practically every corner, they are also famous for their shopping and entertainment. Add a world-class DDA model on your arm, and the stage is set for an extraordinary trip. 

Why choose us for your next stay in Tokyo?

There are plenty of Tokyo based agencies where you could meet a girl last-minute. Diosa girls take a little more time to reach you, but we make up for this fact by having a very personal, passionate approach and holding a high standard to our matchmaking process and dates in general. This way, you know that when she arrives, your private high-class Tokyo escort will be nothing short of divine.

Our models are diverse when it comes to looks but also personality; this way, we can match you to the girl that is most suitable for your planned trip.

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