What you have to know before booking a travel model

On this page, we have gathered all the info that you should take into account before making a travel date. It's essential that you read the general conditions as well as these two forms, one assembly. 

Everything stated here is general. Meaning that each individual model will hold her own terms and rules, and these can differ slightly from what is said on this page. We will be sure to discuss these extensively with you beforehand, so there are no surprises.


  • During the booking, the model must always be accessible by the agency and should get time and privacy for checks by DDA regarding safety and comfort.

  • During the booking there should be care for her basic needs; at least 3 meals a day adjusted to her dietary preferences, adequate sleep, and regard for external activities. 

  • For each full day, the model should get some short private time that she can fill out to her own preference. We ask this to keep the natural and vivid mood during the whole booking for both individuals.

  • All travel tickets will be bought by DDA and handed over personally to the model. Discretion for her personal info should be considered at all times.

  • For business trips where you will be absent from the model for a large part of the day, there should be plenty of consideration for her personal entertainment. Duo dates are a good solution to this.

  • Give us and the model enough time to prepare the trip. Netherlands, Germany and the UK can be planned moderately last minute (one day prior) in most cases. Everything else requires more time.

  • For every international date we will need a deposit of 50%. If the date is canceled 12 hours prior and before the model has left her starting base you will get the deposit back in full. The deposit needs to reach our account in time. Proof of payment isn't sufficient.

  • Flight ticket charges need to be added to the deposit and are not included in the base price. If tickets have been bought already we can't give this back. Documentation can always be provided if needed.

  • A safe location should be provided for the model to keep the remaining cash payment that is handed over at the start of the date in an envelope. 

  • An estimated program of your time together should be provided after confirmation. We will pass this over to the model and let her make her notes if there are any. This way all individuals involved are assured of a smooth and problem-free trip.

Diosa del Amor Agency is a high-end escort agency that works with upscale models and high-class travel companions. We work through matchmaking, which ensures a high success rate of each date. All models are occasional escorts that have a limited amount of dates. This means that each time is special and unique to them. We pride ourselves on having a very personal and passionate approach and holding a high standard to our matchmaking process and dates in general.

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