How to make the most of your stay in Zurich

Zurich is known to be ranked amongst the highest when it comes to the general quality of life.  Not only is it an excellent place to live, in these last years it has actually become a charming and rewarding travel destination thanks to the many bars/clubs and growing gastronomical section. Zurich's main language is German but English and French are also widely spoken. All of DDA models, next to Dutch, will speak at least one of these languages fluently. 

Typically Zurich

Zurich has plenty of beautiful spots that you can visit with your Zurich high-class escort. Most of them situated in the old town. If you are feeling more active, go skiing at Flumserberg. They offer train rides in the morning and take you back in the evening, just in time for an intimate dinner with your sexy companion. Zurich's cultural life is also booming. They have a variety of opera houses and proportionately the most substantial number of clubs per capita in Europe. 

If you feel like going on a laid-back shopping spree with your high-class Zurich escort, Bahnhofstrasse is one of the world's most exclusive, high-end shopping streets in the world. Home to a diversity of high-fashion brands, you are sure to impress our more fashionably minded models. We Belgians know the importance of good chocolate and the Swiss share that same passion. Before you leave, be sure to pick up one or two of their famous brands like Lindt or Frey.

Zurich has an open-minded view when it comes to "sins-of the flesh" and therefore offers a wealth of adult entertainment. As most of our high-class models are bisexually-minded, they have no problem enjoying a high-end burlesque show or accompanying you to a luxurious strip-club. 


Why choose us for your next stay in Zurich?

There are plenty of Zurich based agencies where you could meet a girl last-minute. Diosa girls take a little more time to reach you, but we make up for this fact by having a very personal, passionate approach and holding a high standard to our matchmaking process and dates in general. This way, you know that when she arrives, your private high-class Zurich escort will be nothing short of divine. Our models share the same laid-back, metropolitan and professional mindset that goes perfectly with the city of Zurich. This way you are sure that our sophisticated models will never fall out of place but steal the show in a classy manner. 

Diosa del Amor Agency is a high-end escort agency that works with upscale models and high-class travel companions. We work through matchmaking, which ensures a high success rate of each date. All models are occasional escorts that have a limited amount of dates. This means that each time is special and unique to them. We pride ourselves on having a very personal and passionate approach and holding a high standard to our matchmaking process and dates in general.

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